Both of the locations that you have been contracted to maintain are the busiest sites in our inventory. When your company first began its routines, we would often have employees say “they are cleaning too much!” These comments were of course made, as the efforts your team were making did not even compare to our previous cleaning company. Our teams have worked with your company for 3 years, and now our employees have come to not only expect, but demand that level of service. We continue to see a commitment to maintaining high standards, and a willingness to adapt to the many changes that have occurred at our Main location. The fact that Manila continues to keep the best interests of our company at the forefront, has placed your company in a category that exceeds its competitor’s. We look forward to our continued common goal of maintaining our sites to the highest of standards.
Graham Allison – Sasktel

Facilities Manager

Saskatoon Co-op has enjoyed a great relationship with Manila Cleaning for a number of years. I highly recommend their services.
Grant Wicks – Saskatoon Co-Operative Limited

General Manager